Dan-Inject CO2 Enjeksiyon Tüfeği

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Dan-Inject CO2 Injection rifles


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The DAN-INJECT IM injection rifle is the culmination of many years close cooperation with Veterinarians, research scientists and other professionals working in extreme field conditions. The result has been the development of a rifle with the highest quality of manufacture and finish which is designed to meet the most demanding requirements for reliability and accuracy.
The DAN-INJECT IM rifle is fitted with a specially designed aluminium rifled barrel for precision shooting.

An easily read shrouded manometer is located to the left side of the handsome American Walnut stock. As the manometer and telescopic sight can be viewed simultaneously, pressure adjustment is rapidly and silently achieved without the operator losing sight of the target animal. All parts are manufactured of weather resistant anodised aluminium and stainless steel fastenings are used throughout.