Teledart CO2 Enjeksiyon Tüfeği RD706

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Teledart CO2 Injection Rifle RD706


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CO2 Injection Gun model RD706
The RD706 is a low-noise injection rifle which works very precise at far distances, but due to special pressure settings shots can also be carried out with very soft impact at near distances.

The adjustable shoulder and cheek support means this gun offers optimum ergonomics and is very comfortable to handle.

High ease of use
The continuously variable pressure regulation is adjusted by a rotary knob and can also be quickly varied during the aiming process as the easy to read pressure readings are directly in the field of vision. A guide pin integrated in the sealing cap enables rapid loading or reloading and a quick succession of applications. All sizes of syringe (up to 5ccs in the calibre 11 mm barrel!) can be used in the RD706 gun which means all species of animals can be treated. The gun is already fitted with a 11mm-mounting rail and enables easy mounting of additional scopes or reddot-sights. This rifle is available also with a short barrel.

The exclusive use of high quality and corrosion free materials ensures the worldwide highest standard.