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INCINER8 I8-700A Büyük Boy Hayvan Yakma Fırını

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I8-700A Animal Incinerator


The Disposal of equine carcasses can be problematic for a wide number of reasons. Size, Potential for the Spread of Disease and also cost.
Our range of top loading incinerators have a wide door opening to easily load the largest of horses into it without any issues.

These machines are used in a number of sectors – by horse breeders, rescue centres, hunts and knackers yards. There is also a growing market for Equine Pet Cremation in the UK and USA.

The i8-700A is a specially designed incinerator to accomodate even the largest horses thorugh its top loading design.

The i8-700A has the second highest capacity in our range of animal incinerators and is suitable for disposing of horses, cattle and other large animals benefiting from a wide opening door and high hourly burn rates. This model is ‘DEFRA Approved’ and is an ideal disposal solution for farms, shooting practices, slaughterhouses, abattoirs, veterinary practices or similar facilities with high quantities of animals. You also get one of the largest primary chambers around, controlled air incineration as standard, and a plethora of options in terms of pre-processing and post-combustion – all geared to increasing the performance and efficiency of this unit. Top loading design provides liquid retention making this incinerator ideal for incineration of many different waste streams. It gives you the size and flexibility you need, with unique value and high quality performance.