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INCINER8 I8-PC2 Orta Boy Hayvan Yakma Fırını

Ürün Tanımı

Medium Pet Cremator – i8-PC2


The i8-PC2 is our flagship model for pet cremation, boasting a high capacity loading chamber, heavy duty front access door and cylindrical cremation chamber for increased efficiency and liquid retention. The i8-PC2 is also the only model in our range which is self-contained with a rear access door consisting of a mounted control panel and integrated fuel tank which provides a quick and easy on-site installation process without any electrical wiring.

This front loading model benefits from a wide opening aperture to accommodate many batch sizes and shapes – Allowing you to offer a wider range of services from just one cremator. These are easily modularised and can be supplied in 1,2 or even up to 6 primary chambered versions (allowing up to 6 cremations simultaneously).